Sometime I Feel We Are Not Us

Sometime I Feel We Are Not Us

Sometime I feel we are not us.

Sometime I think what I see, what does it seems is not better than what I feel inside, and I think there must be something more magnificent than what I see with these eyes, I am restless about knowing who am I, because sometime I think I don’t belong here, there is a better world that I should desire which exists somewhere beyond, in the vastness of the cosmos yet to be discovered.

Too much trouble, I am too few to learn all these things around, I am too weak to fight with each troubles life gives me. And I am not happy with only the comforts of mine, when others are suffering because of the life that separates us all.

Yet I sleep in peace sometimes, and I dream, I dream about living somewhere in the world better than this.

Something strikingly more exquisite than what our eyes can detect and something more important than our mind can decide about, lies above there that we cannot even imagine.

There lies forever lasting peace for everyone and each one of us is equally loved unconditionally by beings of shining heart and infinite wisdom.

Each animal, every human being, and each one of us is fairly treated, and equally important to the eyes of something maybe we call it divine. And we can do everything, where no one is odd and separated. We all look alike in the respect of invisible eyes.

Every inhabitant is equal in strength and no is better than others, each one is exceptionally beautiful and wondrous in nature.

And in the morning when I wake up little late, I feel the sun outside is too hot, I feel my skin is burning and then when I think about sun which is just beautiful, but pleasing also to the sensation. Then I find somewhere inside there is something like this, something very different, something beyond measure, it is like I have kind of my own light.

And actually I need no sun and because I am the infinite radiant light.

And when I look to the mountains, wait trees, raining water drops everywhere I see, I feel more elated. When I touch them, and whenever I am nearer to them I feel the warmth, I feel they are beautiful, but at the same time I realize that something is inside me that is trying to remind of something I have, through everything around us.

Something I know about, I feel like it is something very important, and instantly I feel loved I think people call it god but it is actually children of god but very much similar to god. I sometime feel very much proud.

And I believe again, and I fall in love again with this reality, which I don’t feel all the time. But when I feel it I want just it for rest of my life.