My heart is a coffin in the sea.

My heart is a coffin in the sea,

Caught in storms of what was yesterday and what is tomorrow,

Desire; the energy within, trashing the sides with the stormy waves of the pulsing world,

I will tell you,

I know the madness because the animal I am anchors to the reefs with only the blood of hope,

Only if you knew the mountain of courage and flame it would take to pull this heart from the depths of this sea,

With a silent scream, I cry

Commit to the swells of the crests and the valleys of the in betweens,

Drive like the wind in directions unknown,

Cast into the nights with the well bed feeling we have gave it our damn best,

Our damn best, and if the boat goes under I will be there to put up on my back and continue on,

What I’m trying to say is believe in me,

Believe in this coffin in the sea,

believe in me,

Believe in me so I will have the strength to believe in myself.

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