An Overview of Luer Lock Cannula

Cannulas are very important in any kind of surgery. Without a cannula the success of surgery is impossible. It is used for taking of giving blood, fluids, insert surgical instruments and more. But a cannula has more importance when we are talking about a liposuction surgery. For the success of liposuction surgery, the cannula must have an excellent quality and durability. At Inspired Surgical Supplies you’ll find the perfect durable cannulas that are required for an ideal liposuction surgery. Various types of cannulas and liposuction surgery instruments are discussed below.

Luer Lock Cannula for Liposuction

The traditional cannula that is used for a liposuction surgery where it helps in re-injection. It is adjustable with any type of Luer lock syringe or Luer lock handle. On the website, you can have a custom have Luer lock cannula according to your needs. The tip size, diameter, length and tip shape can be built custom as you want it to be. But before ordering for one please don’t forget to measure the autoclave that will be used.

Liposuction Tumescent Pump for surgery

A liposuction surgery can’t be operated without a liposuction pump and at Inspired Surgical Supplies you get an advanced liposuction pump to conduct the surgery smoothly. The pump actually consists four different individual pumps that make it so reliable. During the surgery for any reason is one pump fails, the other three will keep on going to make the surgery successful. Back pressure is used by these dual headed pumps to create a vacuum and pull the body fluid fast.The limited 5-yearswarranty on labor and all parts makes it even more useful.

Syringe Lock and Auto clavable for safer surgery

We all know how a small air bubble can be fatal while injecting someone, to avoid that syringe locks are very important. The syringe Luer lock from Inspired Surgical Supplies is made of stainless steel that makes it even safer. The plunger of a syringe fit sperfactly with the use of a syringe lock that can prevent the accident we mentioned before. On the website,various types syringe locks are available and you can easily choose one according to your need.

Liposuction Compression Garments

Above mentioned all the instruments are used when the surgery is active, but the compression garment is something that is needed after completion of the surgery. Post-surgical effects in case of liposuction include edema, bruising, inflammation and others. The compression garment may to heal them but can prevent them to a certain point. Its main feature is keeping the treated area in shape. Available for any part of the body that has been operated.

Tumescent Pressure Infusor

This infusion helps you to keep track of fluid levels during a surgery. You can have a rapid fluid set-up and can also easily replaceable as the unique design allows it.This modern device provides an even pressure all around the fluid container, three-way stopcock to stop any kind of air leakage, for pressure control you get large squeeze bulbs which make it durable as well as very reliable.

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