Luer lock and fat injection cannulas

Luer lock cannulas
Liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery which is used for removing fats from body usually the technique is applied on buttocks, thighs, hips, abdomenand back of arms. There are number of instruments and supplies needed for accomplishing a liposuction task. The instruments mainly includecannulas. The cannula is designed using the tip style, handle, diameter, shape and shaft. There are different types of cannulasavailableonline as well as in stores. It is always preferable to buy the cannulas from a reliable supplier so that a high quality product is achieved. 
There are companies producing and supplying cannulas of different styles and types. They have been serving in the market for more than 20 years and thus they have a goodexperience in understanding the requirements. There are different physiciansperforming liposuction on different patients. The liposuction on each patient has different requirements and thus some companies provide the facility of the custom cannulas. The custom cannulas means the tip, handle, shape, shaft and diameter can be provided to the supplier and the custom cannula will be developed in order to satisfy the individual requirement.

They also provide the luer lock cannulas which are used in the traditional liposuction and for fat harvesting. The luer cannula is attached to the standard luer lock syringe which is connected with the luer handle which is to be purchased separately. The syringe isavailable of different size and variations but the difference between also is attaching the needle. The luer lock allowsattaching the needle which can be twisted on the top and then locked. This is achieved as there is luer slip centre tip and it is surrounded with the screw locking thread. Both the syringe and needle are twisted together.
The luer lock cannulas are much more preferable when the back pressure is high and at the place where the leakage avoidance is important part. Thereare certain benefits if using the luer lock cannulas. They provide a secure connection as the screw thread deign is sued inside it. The design is able to hold the needle in the place in an efficient manner. Moreover it also helps in preventing the accidental removal of the needle. This makes the process of injecting fluids a safer and more reliable one. It reduces the chances of any leakage as it has a permanent seal on it.

Fat injection cannulas
The fat injection cannulas are alsoavailable from the suppliers and they allow the customer tochoosethecustomcannulas. The customcannulas allow them to choose any of the combination of tip, diameter, length, shape and shaft. The tip can be type 1 injection, type 2 injection, etc. Some most commonly use diameters are provided in the option. The shape of tip can be chosen as sharp, blunt, bullet, standard, etc. the shaft can also be customized and can be chosen from the provided list. This means that you can choose the options which match your requirement and order a customized cannula.

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