A plug and play world

Always on, always connected

Matthew Ho
Dec 9, 2013 · 3 min read

I received my new Macbook Air this morning with much excitement. After catching up with Holly from Pixc on Google Hangout and some lunch, I unboxed my new Macbook Air and turned it on.

I connected to our wifi and opened up Safari the default browser. Immediately I was able to login to Gmail and Facebook. I wanted access to my work files and documents so I logged into dropbox and google drive. I did a sync for the files I needed from dropbox to my computer in about 25 minutes.

In that time I also installed Google Chrome Browser, and all my favourite Chrome plugins automatically installed. Evernote, Hootsuite, Buffer, Pinterest, Adblocker Plus all came installed within a few minutes. To listen to my music collection, I logged into Spotify and played music from my playlists.

Working remotely with a virtual team

I had a call at 2.30pm with one of our developers based overseas. Unfortunately, my dad burnt something in the kitchen so I had to move outside. So I was running late for the meeting as I had to move.

In two mins, I had installed Skype and was on a call with someone halfway across the world and in a different timezone, whilst in the lounge chair in our front yard. While we were talking, I logged into pivotal tracker, our online project management tool to track the progress of our projects. We discussed the status of these tasks and quickly reviewed the upcoming tasks for the week.

I needed to get a design task done and our designer is currently in Hong Kong for holidays. So I created a task in pivotal for her. I took a screenshot from my iPhone, uploaded to dropbox and included the link to dropbox in the task.

I then took a nap for a few hours.

When I woke up, I had received an email from her that the task had been completed, there was a task notification in my inbox and the files had been uploaded to dropbox.

I also had an article to write so I emailed an online marketer based in Philippines who I employ using Odesk. We chatted via email that afternoon about some of our previous tasks and some upcoming tasks.

Always on, always connected

Its amazing that I was able to pick up a new computer this afternoon, go online and be totally connected to everything in the cloud in a few mins. My work and my life is online. I’ve deliberately designed it this way to avoid redundancy if my computer breaks down or is lost. Information is totally accessible from anywhere, anytime. Everyone that I currently worked with today is based in a different country or city. All our communication is online and everything that we need is in the cloud.

Just plug and play.

I’m out like storing files on your computer,

Matt Ho.

    Matthew Ho

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    Where the worlds of digital & business collide. Mobile PM @atlassian. Founded @nativetonguelab & @tapmint. Podcast host of This Mobile Life. Chicago Bulls fan!

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