A podcast about podcasts — This Mobile Life (S2E2)

This episode is a podcast about podcasts! I describe the journey of making a podcast. Also the latest in mobile audio world. There’s a discussion about Soundcloud, Spotify and Amazon’s foray into podcasts with Channels.

A podcast about podcasts! #SoMeta

On Saturday evening, I decided to record a podcast….. with myself! This is because I recently purchased a new rode NT microphone and felt like giving it a testdrive. I decided to freestyle about a topic I’m passionate about which is podcasts! This is the meta podcast. A podcast about podcasts.

I’ve now got 879 subscribers in 11 months for my podcast. I wanted to have 1,000 subscribers so ~90% of the way there

At the end of the day, it wasn’t about numbers. The purpose was to share the conversations we have everyday in our industry about mobile and to teach people about mobile. Plus have some fun! I’m a huge fan of podcasts and believe it’s a a great platform to reach people. Anyone can create their own radio station. Here’s a look at my podcast subscriber numbers over time.

Thank you for being on the podcast journey with me.

You can listen to it the podcast episode by pressing the play button below.

Listen to “A Podcast About Podcasts!”

It will be available shortly on these platforms (I’m waiting for the RSS to update to these places!)


1. Amazon paid podcasts called Channels

2. Soundcloud mulling billion dollar sale

3. Spotify mobile app changes form hamburger to bottom navigation

4. Spotify now does video and podcasts

I’m out like hamburger menus,
Matt Ho