Making The World More Playful - This Mobile Life (S2E7)

We chat to Mike Gardiner, Founder of Lime Rocket, the developers of BuzzyTV Games. Very excited to chat to Mike as its a very cool company and product! Listen below to podcast S2E7 (Season 2 Episode 7) on “Making The World More Playful”.

BuzzyTV Games enables multiplayer big screen games at events & in classrooms that are playable using phone as game controllers. With no app required players can connect in seconds and be playing alongside hundreds of others to compete in leaderboards and win prizes.

We discuss these topics:

1. How do you get people to play Buzzy?
2. How do you add “play” into products? e.g. Buzzy, Pokemon, entertainment games.
3. Choosing native app vs mobile web for their product
4. What has been some of the ups and downs of your startup journey?

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About BuzzyTV

Last month BuzzyTV Games went live in Europe & was selected as one of the games for Australia’s first inter school eSports competition. Recently launched games have included the world first VR vs The Crowd game Castle Rush VR and Lemonade Town a multiplayer version of the classic lemonade stand game.

You can see some of their live multiplayer games in action here:


BuzzyTV Games Website —
Videos of games at events —
Castle Rush —
Lemonade Town —

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