There’s this saying that I love that perfectly describes success:

“I can give you the key to the ignition, the roadmap, and show you in detail how to get from point A to point B, but if you’re too scared to start the ignition…

If you’re too anxious to start the ignition…

If you’re too worried to start the ignition…

If you’re feeling dread over starting the ignition…

Then we’re not going anywhere. ”

That’s how integral a role mindset plays in the success game. Our mindset can bring us to our best selves or it can hide us from ever going after our calling.

Sometimes we self-sabotage ourselves when we are close to reaching our upper limits. We go into hiding right at the moment when it’s our time to shine.

It’s time to find yourself again, break free from limiting beliefs, and embrace your vision!

You have a beautiful purpose here on earth that is uniquely prepped just for you. Discover it!

Below are the 3 Books that Helped Me Find Myself + an audio podcast describing how they shifted my perception around work + life:


Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Big magic is poetic and authentically radiant observation of a dark and murky shit sandwich which is fear in the face of creativity. I absolutely adore how Gilbert humanizes fear and showcases its natural part in the creative process. Big Magic is a book that soothes our relationship with our own fears and doubts and encourages us to step forth and express our creativity. Which as Gilbert says is a human right that everyone is entitled to. We are creative beings


The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help

Hug me. Just keep hugging me. Palmer has this amazing way with words where you feel as if she is literally hugging you as she tells you to go forth and not be afraid of asking. As creatives and healers we tend to shy away from the ask and feel guilty whenever we put ourselves in a situation that can look as if we are: begging. But Palmer pokes a hole into the idea of begging and pulls away the veil to see “asking” as a form of human connection and deepening our tribes. The art of asking gives you permission to fully see others and to let others fully see you.

Sacred Success

Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles

Transform my perception of work ethic and tell me I’ve been looking at the world upside-down, because that’s how I felt after reading Sacred Success. I love that she talks about the Heroine’s Journey (the divine feminine’s journey) with success. We are taught to push, hustle, and grind for what we want, but Stanny encourages to trust, pause, and move forward through divine-focused action. She addresses a lot of the misconceptions around success and encourages women to own their power, and in doing so they will own their success.

Below is an audio podcast describing how they shifted my perception around work + life:

3 Books That Helped Me Find Myself, Part 1

3 Books That Helped Me Find Myself, Part 2

What books have helped you? Share your favorites in the comment section below:

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