Time Management is Bullshit Until You Know This…

What time management is in reality?

You must have wondered at least once. Isn’t it?

What do you think what time management is?

How many times have you tried managing your time by preparing time tables and detailed schedules?

Recall a time when you prepared a sheet with time-bound activities nicely written, like “I’ll wake up at 6am, then I’ll do this, I’ll do that, da da da ……”

Wow! How did it feel? Wonderful! Right?

Then, what next?

How many times have you utterly butterly deliciously failed in it?

Honestly speaking, I have failed almost every time until I tried something different which I’ll share later in this article. Sometimes, I was able to follow it for a week or two. If I pushed harder then may be a month or two maximum.

What about you?

Please be honest, while you introspect about it.

I myself have struggled with this kind of time management. And all of us struggle with this. Don’t we? It rarely works though.

When I was studying, my parents and elders would tell me to make a schedule to utilize my time well. They were right from their perspective because all they wanted was my growth in all spheres of life. And I would meticulously craft a detailed schedule with hours of hard-work and hang it on the wall of my room like all of us usually do.

I would feel great for a couple of days, filled with enthusiasm like I’m going to take on this entire world. But after some days, phew!. Back to square one.

All of us face this challenge day in day out but most of us don’t know what to do about it. That’s why I say, “Time management is bullshit…”

You might be thinking why am I making such a strong statement. But the statement is not yet complete. You’ll discover as we go forward.

All of us want to be productive. A lot of productivity tips and techniques are available out there. By trying to manage your time, you might become productive. But if you really want to become SUPER-PRODUCTIVE, what else do you need to do?

“You have to manage yourself”

Because once you are able to manage yourself, your thoughts, your beliefs and your entire mindset, you can easily manage your time. But that’s easier said than done. Then…

“What’s that single thing that can align all this process of time management without much of an effort?”

Let me share an idea which has supported me as well as people with whom I have shared this. Please read to it very carefully.

I repeat, “Find the Biggest WHY”

Is it making sense now?

Take a couple of moments and let this idea sink in deep inside you. Before you start managing your time, think about WHY do you really need to manage your time. Please note, Why do you NEED to manage your time, not why do you WANT to.

Because there is a huge difference between NEED and WANT.

It might sound like a very simple idea and generally, we overlook such simple things. As a result, we make our lives super-complex. But if followed, it can have a profound impact on our overall productivity throughout the day.

Dig deeper and deeper to find your biggest WHY. Make your reason as big as possible and as rock solid as possible.

A reason which you cannot ignore even in your dreams.

A reason which can give you a sense of purpose

A reason which can drive you every single time.

Contemplate about it, make it as strong as possible and write it down somewhere so that you can see it frequently till it is etched into your mind.

When you put your energy on your WHY, you’ll find something extraordinary happening. Your mind will raise an alarm as soon as you indulge in an activity which doesn’t resonate or align with your Biggest WHY. And at that point, you just have to show a little courage.

Exhibit courage to move yourself away from that activity and do something better in that time. The stronger your WHY will be, the stronger you’ll feel to move yourself away from such activities.

You can also help yourself by preparing a list of activities with three columns. In first column write down activities which align with your Biggest WHY, in second column, write down activities which no matter what you have to do and in third column, write down your present activities which don’t resonate with your Biggest WHY.

Below is a sample list which I used:

This list will help you to make conscious decision whenever your mind raises an alarm. This way, your days will be filled with meaningful activities which will contribute to your overall growth.

When I personally started doing this, my days became super-productive. I couldn’t believe that I was capable of doing so many things in a day like jogging, meditation, 9 to 5 job, conducting sessions, writing an Amazon Best-Selling Book, creating marketing plans for the book, designing my own website and many more.

I can assure you, if you can write down the Biggest WHY for managing your time and seed it deep inside you, time-management will start to happen on its own. It will become effortless, it will become your own nature.

Remember a time, when you had to submit your college assignment, you had to prepare for your dream job interview, you had a deadline to meet at office, or your loved one was in need. Weren’t you super-productive at that time? Why was it so? Why were you able to do so much in a very short span of time? Think about it.

The only reason is, you had a clear purpose in your mind, a Big WHY!

But we rarely create such Big WHYs for our daily routine and that’s what makes the whole difference. If you can give the same sense of purpose to your daily life, believe me, you are set to do wonders no matter where you are.

The key thing is to find the Biggest WHY if you really need to manage your time. Until you do that, please don’t even attempt to manage your time. Once you are clear with your purpose, time-management will become a lot easier.

Originally published at sharmakeshav.com on March 31, 2018.

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