Basic & Useful Ruby Gems for Web Development

The framework of Ruby on Rails is a tool extremely powerful in the development of web applications. It has many built-in features such as object-relation mapper and intelligent routing that accelerate web applications development.
Rails is specifically designed to have an easy extension with use of Ruby gems. A huge ecosystem of Ruby gems has been created because of it. These gems can accelerate development process and extend application process by reducing time involved to work on common functionality development.

Devise is the most common gem on Rails. This gem provides authentication solution that is convenience to use for Rails applications allowing registration, login, account locks, forget password, and other features related to account.

There is an importance of knowing the difference between authorization and authentication. Devise is the one helping in the authentication and verification of users while authorization is assures that users are allowed to perform any action or have access to any resource. Pundit is in charge of this whole process and provides simple ways of describing authorization systems just by the use of Ruby classes.

Template systems are everywhere. Rails uses the template system of eRuby by default but it’s something that users typically choose to replace. Slim is considered as a common replacement because it is allowing users to maintain easy reading templates through its syntax while it maintains quick compilation times.

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