How can Ruby on Rails benefit your web applications?

What are some of the major ingredients that spell success for an organization? Among other things, efficiency is one of the essential elements that can help an organization succeed in this fast-paced moving world. Everyone wants to maximize efficiency and your software development too should push you ahead instead of pulling you back. Ruby on Rails with its faster iteration and great utility puts it way ahead of other programming languages. Check out how Ruby on Rails can benefit your web application below

Pragmatic approach
Pragmatism is literally ingrained in the rails DNA with its ability to set numerous configuration parameters as framework defaults. This leaves zero scope for any unnecessary complications in the code, resulting in the production of extremely simple and elegant solutions. This inspires the Ruby on rails development community to also maintain this pragmatic mindset.

Rails language is so expressive in itself that any programmer with or without the rails experience, will understand it. It is almost like English language with only limited use of the DSL. A DSL always feels like a new language but rails strikes a good balance with its DSL, using it only sensibly and never overdoing its use. That’s why, to those who are new to Ruby, it seems pretty odd to realize that it doesn’t seem like a programming language. I think that any programmer, regardless of Rails experience, (and even some non-programmers) could understand this:

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