People who change the world have one thing in common.

There is one thing that people who changed the world and those who will make a difference in the future have in common.

It's not how smart they were.
It's not how rich they were.
It's not their ethnicity.
It's not their sex.
It's not the network.
It's not how skilled they were at marketing.
It's not how athletic they were.
It's not how much they knew about business.
It's not how much they knew about coding.
It's not how much education they had.
It's not how motivated they were.
It's not what religion they believed in.
It's not about believing in the right cause.
It's not about how good they were at leadership.

The only thing all people who will and have changed the world is they took action.

If you think you don't know enough about business, about marketing, about design and want to wait till you know enough before you start, people who know less but take action are going to be ahead.

Just start taking action and you will learn what you need to know on the journey.

It won't be easy, but if you believe in what you do and if you are good enough, you will succeed by starting and not stopping.

Just because you start doesn't mean you will succeed, but if you never start it guarantees you will lose.