Ways to Be Insta-Awesome on Instagram

I’m loving all of your dialogue in using Twitter and Facebook pages for promoting your blog! I’m continuing the series this week with a look at how you can make the most of buy instagram followers for your blog. With over 100 million active users — and only 59% of the top 100 brands — Instagram has hit its tipping point with the masses, but its potential for brand engagement is still evolving quickly. As the CEO of your blog and personal brand, Instagram can be a powerful way to connect with your readers. You can reach them on a personal level similar to Twitter and others, as well as other ways unique to this photo-sharing social media site. Instagram is fairly simple to understand and get into, but like all social media sites, there are special nuances there that can help you grow a following unlike any other audience you may have. The key to growing any kind of following on any social media is consistency. A general rule of thumb is to post 1–3 Instagrams daily. Space out your posts so you’re not spamming readers in short bursts of many photos, only to go silent for a few days or weeks after. If you’d rather spend the least amount of time on social media as possible, determine whether or not Instagram is a good use of your time. For some of you, it may be your preferred social media site, and for others, you may stay clear of Instagram altogether. If you are going to spend time on it, post often, and try to do it consistently.

What Your Instagram Readers Want: 5 Tricks to Getting Likes

From research to keeping up with brands to seeing what the IFB community is up to, I spend a lot of time on buy instagram likes. It’s not surprising, considering how much of a visual person I am. Ever since Instagram started years ago, I was on board and loved how it has been able to bring real moments from around the world into my world. All through a small screen. From all my time on Instagram, I have noticed a few things about the Instagram user and what he/she likes. Who knew that cats were such a big thing? Apparently cats were made for social. Honestly, I see photos of cats like this and this and they rack up serious likes. Why? Because they are cute and cuddly. Who wouldn’t fan a at ‘gram? The Internet has a serious addiction to doughnuts. What is it about these fried, sweet things that make us go weak in the knees and hit the “like” button? I guess we all need a little sweet treat each day and who are we to deny that? (Doughnut-gram, doughnut-gram). Nails were made for Instagram apparently. Easy to digest, likeable and totally graphic, nail art is easy to share and fans go crazy for it.

Hashtags on Twitter: Super Spammy or Social Media Savvy?

I posted the 7 Essentials to Marketing Your Blog on buy twitter followers a few weeks ago, and got a lot of great feedback from IFB’ers who have yet to get their feet wet on Twitter, as well as those who are far more well-versed than I am on IG marketing. I’d say my personal use of Twitter is average for a blogger marketing herself. I’ve got a good grip on the basics and make sure I have all the right hashtags and usernames tagged (especially when I’m working with — or want to work with — brands.) I’ve never really delved too seriously into growing my follower base, specifically with the use of hashtags. So many social media professionals and Twitter users will tell you not to overdo it with hashtags — and yet, user behavior data proves that quite the opposite works well. After writing that blog, I was curious about how much hashtags would affect my Twitter community. Would the conscious use of hashtags help grow my likes and follower numbers? I decided to experiment for a week to see what I’d find. I already aim to post at least one Twitter a day. During my experiment, I’d only post 1–3 hashtags in my caption (also like I’ve normally done before.) Anywhere from a few hours to a few days later, I’d add around 10 more hashtags that were relevant. This gave me time to see how my ‘normal’ use compared to increased hashtag usage. It also gave me time to think about some good hashtags to use!

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