What you need to know in case of Cancelled flight?

When you’re eligible to get up to $650 compensation, why wait? Not sure what we mean? Let us tell you what rights you’re entitled to, and what you should do in case of a flight cancellation.

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  1. Get an alternate flight

Airlines have to provide passengers with an alternate flight in case of a cancellation. So ensure you check with them the moment you are notified of a cancellation. Remember, the airlines should not charge you anything for providing this alternate flight. Generally, the airlines should inform their passengers 14 days in advance of a flight cancellation. If they do not inform the passengers 14 days in advance, you become eligible to get a compensation of up to $650 dollars even if they have provided you with an alternate flight.

2. Get refund of your ticket

Passengers are eligible for an alternate flight, but in case the option defeats their purpose of flying to a destination, they can claim a refund instead. Passengers are eligible to get a full refund of the ticket. 
What most people are not aware of is that even after getting a refund, they are still eligible to claim a compensation from the airline. If your was cancelled, you can apply for a claim by simply sharing your flight details with Instalocate.

3. Get food, phone call and accommodation
Be informed that you are also eligible for compensation on basics like food, shelter and communication. You can ask your airline for meal vouchers/refreshment, accommodation and a phone call to reschedule your plans ahead. 
Accommodation in hotels is also provided by the airline to passengers if the alternate flight’s schedule has a longer time gap. Be aware of your rights and make sure you’re asking for these.

4. Apply for compensation upto $650
Did you know that when your flight is canceled without a prior notice of 14 days, the airlines are supposed to provide you with a compensation amount? This compensation varies based on the country you’re travelling to and the distance of the flight. It can be as high as $650! In a country like India, this compensation can go upto $300.

5. Hire your personal travel assistant- Instalocate to file for compensation. Don’t want to get into the hassle of filing for your claim and following up with the airline till they clear it? We understand that after spending hours at the airport and having to reschedule all your plans, filling up long forms or sending a chain of emails to the airline is the last thing you want to do.
That’s why Instalocate helps you simply apply for your compensation with a quick form: www.instalocate.com/compensation.

Instalocate your personal travel assistant

All you need to do is share your flight details with us, and we will find out what compensation you’re entitled to and proceed to claim it from the airline. When a cancelled flight has already ruined your plans, let it not meddle with your expenses!