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While speaking at an event, serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk decided to pull out his phone and make the following bold statement

“Every person here grabs [their phone] any time that there is a commercial. Yet, $80 billion is spent by the biggest brands in the world to make 30-second videos of a Jeep going up a hill, or some guy grabbing a beer, or some lady with a baby using some oil.

“$80 billion, it is completely not practical, it is broken, and it is the reason that 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies, biggest brands in the world, have declined in market share over the last two years.” …

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Instant Sponsor is on a quest to disrupt and enhance the sports and entertainment sponsorship ecosystem. Behind this revolutionary idea is a world-class group of individuals who are seasoned veterans in sports, marketing, sponsorship, finance, legal and business operations.

We are excited to announce the formation of our formal Advisory Board consisting of c-level executives and seasoned industry veterans in sports, sponsorship and entertainment industries. To ensure a successful crowdsale, the launch of the platform and accelerated user acquisition, we have assembled a diverse group of individuals from the following verticals:


Johnny Gill is a sports veteran, having spent 11 years with Carolina Hurricanes, a top NHL team, and 2006 Stanley Cup champion. In addition, Gill was previously the General Manager of the Roswell Aliens Independent League Baseball team and Director of Sales for the Connecticut Defenders (SF Giants AA). He will help Instant Sponsor to source professional sports teams and athletes in both the major and minor leagues. …

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Instant Sponsor’s business model is about to receive a facelift. The once independent sports sponsorship agency is set to disrupt the $66-billion sponsorship industry with a revolutionary blockchain-powered platform that connects brands looking to buy targeted sponsorship opportunities in real time and the rights holders — teams, athletes and events — across sports, Esports and entertainment.

Between 5–50 percent of a professional sports team’s sponsorship inventory goes unsold each season, resulting in billions of dollars of lost revenue across the industry. At the same time, player costs continue to rise forcing teams to put an emphasis on selling sponsorship inventory.


Anthony Puntoriero

Founder and CEO of [instantsponsor], a blockchain-powered global sponsorship marketplace

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