Do Things You’ve Never Done

We have a huge amount of resources available to ourselves now to learn new skills or just simply do things that we may have always wanted to but had not.

How do you get started though? For me this year in January instead of writing down a bunch of new years resolutions I wrote down a few things that I wanted to attempt to complete. For me, this process made me always think about how I was going to do them.

Here’s a few of the things that I wrote I wanted to do

  • Make a retro games emulator. I’ve done this See here
  • In April start writing content online, I set a small goal of publishing one written piece per month, I’ve now exceeded my own expectations on this one Goal Achieved: Yes
  • Learn how Pixel Light controllers worked, this is part of a bigger project however I’ve already got this working See here
  • Learn video editing See here for a weekly video I help to produce

The process of writing these things down allowed me to sit down and think about how to do all of these things. The emulator project, sure I’ve got knowledge of computing so that wasn’t difficult. The others though, not so much.

Writing articles — this I struggled with but really the only cost is time, you can publish on your own blog, medium, linkedin, facebook — so many different places. Setting a goal here made me commit to making sure I’d written that little piece of something, somewhere online.

Learning video editing — I’d done a little bit in iMovie, but now I had the opportunity to expand on this doing the weekly series #StephQA. Prior to this the only video I had done was basic clips off my GoPro. We’ve just completed the 25th episode and so far have maintained a weekly release schedule of Film, Edit, Upload.

Now to the lighting project though. Gary Vaynerchuk has a great video titled 6 minutes for the next 60 years of your life — here’s the section that I think everyone should listen to. If you didn’t watch the video here’s the lesson: “You didn’t grow up driving and you learned that” This is something I always think about since hearing it in the video and I think everyone should listen to this message, I think we forget way too often that we didn’t wake up with the skills we have. They are all learned.

Learning about lighting I knew would be difficult, so I started the process of research. However it is no different to anything else you would want to learn, you look online and other places for resources. I was able to find an individual by the name of Matt Johnson (Johnson Family Light Show) who had already done this process and — luckily for me and so many others wanting to learn, had documented everything. I’ve since found Matt on LinkedIn and found Facebook Groups dedicated to what I am learning.

Using these resources I have been able to get my own lights running (link here in case you missed it earlier) For me this was a deep dive into learning. Did I have knowledge of what I was trying to do? Definitely not, I knew nothing about it at all other than it looked cool. However I learnt how to drive and didn’t know how to do that either.

So if you’ve got something you want to do and it seems daunting at first, remind yourself that everything in you’ve ever wanted to do — you had to learn how to do it first.