Why Launching a Condo Website?Answers of top 5 Questions

Launching a condo website can come with numerous challenges;such as knowing how to improve communication, staying organised with new board members, protecting the rights of the members and a host of other obvious issues.

The internet is known to be the best platform for sharing and accessing information. It is efficiently used by a lot of people, as it is highly convenient. Over the years, the number of people using the internet has drastically increased, owing to how the internet has evolved. Currently, online platforms are offering additional features that can make any HOA website more user friendly.

1. How do we protect our members’ rights of privacy?

With asecured document storage system, whichis a major feature of your HOA website, be rest assured that the electronically stored documents would decrease the relevance of paper copies. Also, the electronically stored documents will provide content for the member login pages, thus letting you control theaccess levels for each community member.

2. How do we improve communication?

As more and more people are using HOA websites for communicating and getting information effectively, it proves that these are definitely a better platform of communication between condo board member and residents. With 24-hour access to information regarding community news and events, it is the most efficient place to post different announcements, like parking lot maintenance, painting of buildings and so on.

The HOA website will give the board members the avenue to distribute information regarding new ideas and resolutions. The site may also include forums that will enable the members to ask questions directed to the board. You also have the privilege to get notifications via email once any news is published or when an issue has been reported on the site. This will greatly help bridge the communication gap in the community members at large.

3. How do we stay organized when the board turns over?

Our proper document storage systems and online customer services provide residents access to the information of old and new board members. You don’t need to go through the stress of tracking past members of the board to get an important document. The HOA website will help you gain necessary documents from the online document storage system.

4. How do we save time and money?

Posting information to a HOA website helps the board members eradicate postage as well as expensive printing of letters and promotional materials. Door-to-door delivery is reduced, as listing of homes for rent or sale will be done on the site. The Frequently Asked Question pages can aid in cutting down the amount of calls, emails and letters to the condo board members or property managers, presenting cost-effective measures. The HOA site can earn money for your community through advertising online spaces to local businesses.

5. So why launching a condo website?

A HOA website not only saves both time and money, but it also provides better storage facility for private documents. The site offers smooth transactions and enhances communication between old and new condo board members. Thus, your community enjoys different features, like event calendar, online bookings/forums and the contacts of the board members.

A HOA website is an effective and creative communication tool. The site helps local property managers and residents a lot by making the communication process easier. This is the best platform to run your property business.

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