Fear colouring your hair? Think colouring hair can damage them? If yes, then here are a few hair colour myths that we debunk for you.

You can wash your hair right after hair colour:

If you would be doing this, then you are probably wasting your money on getting that expensive hair colour treatment. The fact is you should wait at least for 24 hours after getting it coloured as the colour needs some time to settle down. It needs some time to adjust and doing so can strip off the glosses and tints.

You shouldn’t colour your hair during summers:

This one is not entirely true, but yes, the sun can cause the colour to fade and can cause damage too. So the best way to prevent this is by using shampoo and conditioner with UV protection and you can also cover the hair with scarf for added protection.

Hair colour is difficult to maintain:

Just like your face and nails, hair colour too is difficult to maintain. Depending on your hair growth, your colour will fade and you will also require to get a touch up done.

You should dye your eyebrows to match with your hair:

It isn’t necessary that your hair colour should match with your brows. But if you have light hair, then your eyebrows should be 1–2 shades darker than your hair. And if you have dark hair, then your brows should be 1–2 shades light.

You can’t colour your hair at home:

It isn’t necessary to opt for professional hair colour services every time you want to colour your hair. With so many hair colours available in the nearby stores, you can always colour your hair at home. However, if you want to go for streax or colours like purple, red or blue then its always a good idea to opt for professional hair care services.

You don’t have to spend on shampoos and conditioners for colour-treated hair:

This is totally worth it as the shampoos and conditioners that are specifically designed for colour treated hair works well and also help in keeping your hair healthy.

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