UCIM’s Best Blockchain CEO (Male) Nominee

Institute of Blockchain™’s Founding President Mr. Alvin Chua is nominated for UCIM’s Best Blockchain CEO (Male). We do hope fellow blockchainers, community and friends can support and vote for him.

Step 1 : Go to https://ucim.io/awards-voting

Step 2: Scroll to slightly below middle of the page (refer to screenshot)

Step 3: Look for Alvin Chua (Institute of Blockchain)

Step 4: Cast your vote!

Mr Alvin has issued official statements on “Why Vote For Him?”

“Greetings friends, I observed other nominees in the same category, I would say that Mr CZ from Binance is the most respectable CEO in this category and it is an honour running alongside him. Most of the nominees are either in the cryptocurrency exchanges, or offering cryptocurrency products or services.

From the “blockchain” point of view, I resonate well with the category well as I am representing Institute of Blockchain™ which I am leading it to be a full fledge non-profit blockchain school by Jan 2019. Besides Blocklime, IBS is also into blockchain education, we are the first blockchain school in Singapore, been training almost 1000 learners from the past 1 year and even went to Hong Kong in May 2018 to deliver a full Chinese blockchain curriculum. We grew from 0 community to the current 600+ which I am certainly pleased that our community is growing!

We believe the fundamental before talking about blockchain adoption, going mainstream, interoperability, scalability is about education! The public need to know that “blockchain” exist, what is it, what it does, what is in for them? A robust blockchain education maps to career pathway and skillsets required and bridge to the university programmes to value-add to one’s knowledge and selling point.

IBS is working very hard on our own new curriculum and blended learning, we will continue to serve the community and the public and their interests at heart. Even our course fees for a full blockchain programme is the most value for money in Singapore. To learn more about us, visit ibs.edu.sg and I believe a vote for me, is a vote for a brighter IBS’s future and that with this branding and recognition, we can even propel blockchain education in Asia and the rest of the world. Thank you!”