Top 5 Career Options for Engineering Students

Deciding on what to do after the completion of your engineering degree? Don’t worry as this doubt runs in the mind of many aspiring individuals. Students generally do get confused when making a career choice as there are plenty of options available to them. But making decisions in haste and pressure is no solution to it as deciding on what career to choose after engineering requires a lot of planning and thought process. This article will help all those aspiring candidates who have just completed their degree in engineering from the Best College for in Dehradun. In this article, you will get an insight on various career options that can be taken up right after completing your engineering. The most common choices after the completion of the same are to either continue with further studies or to take up a job after B.Tech. Getting a job can help an individual with immediate financial help and practical exposure, but a graduate degree won’t be enough to excel in the field of interest.

Now, let’s have a look at the top 5 career options for engineering students.

1. Campus Placements : Most of the students opt for campus placements right after the completion of their engineering from best college in Dehradun for B.Tech. If one gets selected in a reputed company with a good salary package through campus placement, nothing like it if you are actually looking for a job in the same sector. Campus placements can help one get a well paid job even before an individual gets his/her degree. Campus placements can be very fruitful. One should keep certain points in mind when preparing for such jobs during campus placement. It’s very crucial to maintain a good CGPA score for which one needs to work hard. Preparing for job interviews helps one to present his/her thoughts clearly. The candidates should make sure to study about the company’s profile that they are applying for.

For a lot of students, campus placement is a great way to start with their career. If one gets through the campus placement, he/she gets the security and a guaranteed job after completing the course.

2. Higher Studies : One of the most popular and common career choices to be made after engineering is to pursue further studies. If you’re a B.Tech student, then preparing for the GATE exam is one of the preferred choices. It is an exam that assesses the thorough insight of undergraduate engineering topics. With an excellent GATE score, an individual can enter distinguished engineering colleges for pursuing higher studies. With this, individuals get to expand their knowledge and become a more qualified engineer. One can even enter into academics and conduct research in the required field of engineering. A lot of students opt for this and consider it as one of the best career options after engineering.

3. Entrepreneurship and Startups : Individuals who wish to start with their entrepreneurial journey can always opt for this option after the completion of their graduation from Best College for in Dehradun. For budding entrepreneurs, there are several resources available. One can join a startup incubator, and get a head-start for your company. There are many startup incubators in India which help start ups to succeed. Entrepreneurship requires a lot of patience but the experience that one gets after starting and running a new company is invaluable. These days even the government is supporting the start up initiative with proper guidance and mentorship programs. Financial aid in terms of loan and other benefits are also offered to such individuals who wish to start their own work.

4. Public Service Undertakings : After engineering, aspiring students can also choose to join government run public service undertakings and get a good paying job. Although the competition level for these jobs is quite high but if one gets selected all of it is worth the effort. PSUs also check candidates’ GATE score for recruitment. There are multiple PSUs in India, and each of them declares the required GATE score for application every year. If one works hard, then he/she can even get a job in organisations like BHEL, SAIL and IOCL among others. These jobs pay their employees really well with a secure future and a respectable position in the society.

5. Management Sector : If an individual wishes to change his/her stream after completing college in Dehradun for B.Tech, MBA is one of the popular career choices. Studying management can help one get a high paying job with more responsibility. MBA is one of the most preferred courses after engineering by the students and in order to get through the same the students are supposed to give a Common Aptitude Test (CAT). A candidate’s score in the CAT exam will determine which top institute one will get through. After studying management, one can get managerial roles in different companies. Management is considered to be one of the best career options after engineering in India. In India, managerial position professionals are also among the highest-paid.

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