Benefits of SBI Health Insurance Policy

All About SBI Health Insurance

Your health might not always be under your control. The main problem arises when your illness is accompanied with a long list of medical expenses. SBI General Insurance’s SBI health insurance is here to take care of all your expenses. It is the aim of SBI General Insurance’s SBI health insurance to partner with you and provide you with all you need to achieve a healthy life. In these days, there is a constant hike in the various medical expenses. In a sudden case of emergency, you may find your self in financial trouble. When you buy a policy under SBI health insurance, you are benefited with a list of coverages and plans which you can choose from. SBI health insurance policies not only provide cover for you, but also for your family, ensuring you all a healthy and happy life.

Knowledge About SBI Mediclaim Policy

SBI health insurance’s SBI mediclaim policy does not let your medical expenses become a burden on your wallet. the following features ensure a healthier and happier life for your family.

Ø Coverage from Rs.50, 000 up to Rs.500, 000 is available.

Ø Upto the age of 45 years, medical tests are not required, if you have no medical history.

Ø Provides cover for Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses — 30 days before and 60 days after the hospitalization.

Ø The Family Floater Policy provides cover for full family

Ø Plan Options range from Metro Plan, Semi Metro Plan to Rest of India

Ø Premium presently exempt from Income Tax.

Ø For every 4 claim free years you get free medical checkups up to a maximum Rs.2,500

Ø Add-on Covers include removal of sub-limits on Room & ICU rent, Operation and Consultancy charges depending on the plans you chose.

Sbi Family Health Insurance Policy Is Also Available

SBI General Insurance now has a SBI Family Health Insurance Policy which insures your entire family in one plan. The Family Health Floater Policy of SBI General Insurance is a health insurance plan designed to cover the expenses incurred during inpatient-hospitalization. Family Health Floater Policy covers for the inpatient-hospitalization that has lasted for more than a day. Family Health Floater Policy avails you with cashless hospitalization in 4,400+ hospitals across India.

Highlights of the plan:

ü Covers for: Self, spouse, dependent children and dependent parents, aged between 91 days and 65 years.

ü Cumulative bonus available: A progressive increase by 5% for every claim free year with subject to a maximum of 10 slabs.

ü Procedures which require only day care and not a minimum of 24 hours hospitalization will also be covered.

ü Pre-existing diseases shall be covered after 48-months of continuous coverage

ü Lifelong renewal

Buying And Renewal Of SBI Health Insurance

With the advance in technology and the internet connecting the world, you can now buy and renew your SBI Health Insurance from where ever and when ever you like. Just a few clicks take you to the website of SBI General Insurance were you can choose your options accordingly. Online and offline payment options are also available to make works easier for you. You can choose your SBI Health Insurance Policy from SBI General Insurance, fill up the form according to the instruction and get done with your medical expense burden. 30 days grace period is provided for ou to remit renewal premium and maintain continuity of coverage.