The Importance of Spreading awareness about the importance of health insurance

Without sound health, we can never function properly no matter what resources we have. Improper health leads to lack in productivity and greatly affects the earning potential of an individual. Tackling our health issues requires quality healthcare that can prevent or cure our problems and for that, it is important to have health insurance. Health insurance saves us from the heavy expenses that we have to incur whenever there is a major illness.

Currently, India’s health insurance scenario does not look very encouraging. Only a meager 15% of the nation’s population is using its benefits to cover medical expenses while the rest remain oblivious to its importance. They end up facing financial hardships and have to manage with poor quality healthcare services to save on the expenses involved. As the medicine and treatment prices keep rising, the livelihoods of the uninsured families continue to be affected. Without having proper health insurance policies, their financial burdens will continue to increase in the years to come. The following questions are arising from this situation:-

  • What happens if the same continues?
  • How will the people of India pay for their huge medical expenses?
  • How will we appreciate and avail the services provided by the medical organizations?
  • What will be the future of our medical industry?

The above questions showcase a harsh yet true reality of the current state of India.

How can the situation be changed?

Ameliorating the number of insured individuals in India is an imperative step. Through this, every medical care organization, individual and health insurance company can play an active role in the advancement of the medical sector of the country. People need to be educated regarding the various important features that one can avail from health insurance, only then they will be willing to buy it. Awareness needs to be created by the insurers, and it should be spread all across the country to help develop the overall medical industry of India.

The Importance of having Health Insurance

  1. Having health insurance helps in dealing with emergency situations smartly. Not having insurance to back one up can make an individual go bankrupt within a short span of time if some unforeseen medical emergency comes.
  2. Health Insurance requires frequent and regular check-up which in turn helps to monitor the body condition and prevent any problems at its root phase. Preventive medicine and quick treatment can be availed through this.
  3. Due to its cost, many individuals believe it is a luxury, rather it’s a necessity. However, those in their twenties and thirties must get health insurance on priority so they have to shell out lesser money on premiums.

Education must be provided to the common people regarding the benefits of health insurance and about the rise in medical expenses. This way they will be aware of the industry situation and will be a lot more willing to buy the medical health insurance policy. The Government also needs to take the initiative to spread awareness regarding the above.

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