Grill Safety Tips

We have hit the time of year where the amount of Americans grilling is at its peak. Warm weather welcomes summer barbecues and picnics. An increase of users increases the likelihood for accidents involving grills.

Here are a few safety tips to remind users of some good habits to add to their routine and maintain.

Stay a Safe Distance Away From Your House

Experts say to use your grill at least 10 ft away from your house, garage, and any wooden overhangs. This way if there is a burst of flames your house will not catch fire.

Check for Leaks

Check the gas hose for leaks. You can usually see cracks or areas that are becoming fragile. But, if you are still unsure, you can put dish soap mixed with water on the hoses and turn the gas on to check for bubbles, indicating a leak.

Clean Between Uses

Be sure to scrub your grill in between uses to get rid of leftover fat and grease which can cause unwanted flare ups, posing danger to the user.

Keep a Spray Bottle with Water

In a situation where your grill does flare up you can use the water to tame the excess flame with water which will not harm your food.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher Nearby

Sounds simple, but keeping a fire extinguisher close to where you are grilling can help stop a fire at its source and minimize damage.

Never Leave Unattended

Also sounds very basic, but it is easy to get distracted while trying to entertain company or keep an eye on kids and pets. Never turn away from an active flame as the grill can spontaneously become out of control.

Turn on Gas with Lid Open

Never turn on the gas with the lid closed because the gas builds up and makes lighting the grill extremely dangerous. The flames could shoot out at the user due to the amount of gas that has built up.

Put an Appropriate Amount of Food On

Not only may it affect the food being cooked thoroughly, but excess food creates excess fat and grease that could expand the flames to an unsafe level.

Absolutely Do Not Use Inside

Grilling inside is unsafe no matter the size of the grill.

Use On Level Surface

Use your grill on an even surface to avoid the risk of it tipping an harming you or others.

Do Not Store While Still Warm

Do not cover or store your grill while it is still warm. Be sure to give it adequate time to cool off.

Do Not Throw Out Hot Charcoal

Soak used coals in water before disposal to avoid fires even after you are finished grilling.

Know Your Homeowners Coverage

In the event of an accident know what your homeowners insurance covers. For example, policies typically cover damages to your home, personal belongings, outdoor structures, and any additional liability coverage for any injuries to visitors depending on your plan.

Remember to practice safe grilling habits to keep your summer barbecues enjoyable.