High Housing Costs Means More People Are Sleeping In Their Cars

A common trend in the United States is the high costs of owning or even renting a home or apartment.

According to the advocacy group Home1, 11 million Americans spend more than half of their paycheck on rent.

Another reports found that someone working 40 hours a week making minimum wage can reasonably afford a one bedroom apartment in only 12 counties throughout the United States.

While the housing market will often fluctuate and prices will change, it has recently been a struggle for the middle and lower classes to work and save money for everyday necessities and pay rent. Along with that, fees like playing for car insurance and the best homeowners insurance also tack onto the bill.

While the area you live in will also determine how much you are paying, the West Coast in particular is having issues.

For some people, they try and save as much as they can while living as simply as they can before they can get ahead.

For other, they are taking a different route.

An increasing number of people, especially those on the West Cost, are choosing to live in their cars instead of renting or owning a home.

These people will shower at gyms or rest stops and spend most of their time outdoors when they are not at work. While some places are illegal to sleep in their vehicles, others are perfectly legal at places such as in front of churches, on city property and even Walmart parking lots which remain open 24/7.

It doesn’t appear that the housing crisis will get better anytime soon so this new trend of sleeping in cars and showering at gyms might not be going away.

As the population continues to grow and wages tending to stay the same, the issue with finding affordable housing will only get worse.