Lyft Obtains Permit To Test Self-Driving Cars

In California, ridesharing company Lyft was finally granted clearance to test their self-driving cars in California.

This is big news for fans of Lyft, the auto industry as well as the self-driving or driverless industry. Lyft was able to get this permit a few weeks after they announced they will be trying to test out new self-driving models later in the year.

Lyft is partnered with Alphabet’s self-driving unit Waymo along with Ford Motor CO.

The end goal for ridesharing companies like Lyft or Uber is to incorporate these self-driving technologies into their own company. This would allow you to just order the ride from Lyft and a driverless car would pick you up in no time.

Lyft of course will have to buy a fleet of driverless cars from Ford or Alphabet. So more pressure is on these automakers to get this done which would allow this change in the industry to happen.

Driverless cars would result in more freedom for passengers. Older and young people, as well as those living with a disability, would also benefit from these self-driving vehicles. As they can now go places they may have not been able to go to before. Travelling would be much more relaxing as well, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the trip instead of focusing on directions, safety and such.

The first few tests of these driverless cars will be done on a closed course but eventually they will hit the open road. When the time comes, it is expected that these self-driving vehicles will be much safer than drivers controlling the vehicles.

While driverless cars may be here soon, they may take more time. Keeping yourself protected and secure is important every day and the same goes for your vehicle before we move into a self-driving world.

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