Lyft Takes Aim at Uber with New Ad

Uber and Lyft are the two top dogs in the industry of ridesharing. And, like in any industry, competition is everything. Whether it is by lowering prices or putting out slanderous advertisements, one is always trying to bring down the other in an attempt to win over the market. Like Nike and Adidas, Pepsi and Coke, and Comcast and DirecTV, Uber and Lyft are constantly going head to head. They are always coming up with new ways to steal each other’s customers. Currently, Uber is beating Lyft, with more customers, more downloads, more drivers, and a stronger presence across the nations of the world.

So, Lyft has taken a new approach to stealing Uber’s customers. They recently came out with a TV commercial that softly insults Uber. It does not directly call out Uber for being the inferior rideshare service or anything like that. In fact, it never even mentions their name. The indirect approach is arguably more effective, because it keeps Lyft from coming off as immature. The ad is very funny, it is well shot, and it includes a high-profile celebrity. The commercial stars Jeff Bridges, who is a very well-liked movie star and public figure.

In the ad, Jeff Bridges is riding in a wagon on the Oregon trail. The commercial takes viewers back to 1836, which proves to be both funny and cinematically intriguing. Bridges, in character as a pioneer, says things to the camera that suggest Lyft is better than Uber. He says lines like “You always have a choice” and “It matters who you ride with.” These phrases are directed at those who prefer Uber over Lyft. Bridges’ character is basically telling these people that they should choose to ride with Lyft, or “the right people.” And, if they don’t, they will end up in the wrong place.

This ad is playful and fun because it is not too explicit. It does not try to tell anyone that Uber is a bad company, exactly. But, it does dance around the idea that Lyft is the right choice for those who have not decided which is better. Uber has never had a commercial like this, which is probably why Lyft decided to make it. By taking a fresh approach to the competition, Lyft is standing out and making a stronger name for itself. It will be interesting to see how Uber responds to this subtle call-out. Will they make their own commercial taking aim at Lyft?

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