Planning Your Summer Escape

When you think of summer, you think vacation. There are many factors to consider when planning a getaway whether it be 50 or 500 miles away. Many people probably already have their travel plans in place, but here are a few things to help make your trip as memorable as possible whether it be to Miami or to Mexico City.

Be Flexible

Keep an open mind, especially when traveling by air. Weather and other factors can be extremely unpredictable, so expect delays and be prepared to shift your plans a bit. Also, it is a good idea to form an itinerary, but not one that is too strict as you may discover fun things to do along the way. In other words, it is okay and encouraged to be spontaneous.

Always Buy Travel Insurance

If you’re planning on a Mexico vacation, buy the Mexican travel insurance. Especially, if you are planning a trip out of the country. A popular destination people travel to is Mexico which has additional expectations for travel, but a common one would be to purchase travel insurance to prevent the trip from wiping out your entire bank account if emergency strikes.

Making a Packing List

This tip sounds simple, but many people end up forgetting essential items, so it is important to compose a list at least one week in advance to departure, so that nothing gets left behind.

Learn Local Language

If you are traveling abroad it is extremely helpful to learn a little bit of the local languages and frequently used phrases. This will help you communicate and navigate your location much easier.

Take Lots of Pictures

When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, they really mean it.

Bring Copies of Passports/Other Important Documents

Do not put yourself in a position to lose an entire vacation due to a misplaced piece of paper. Make a copy of your passport to keep on you at all times while traveling.

Pack One Change of Clothes/Important Toiletries in Carry On

People tend to approach the common travel problem of misplaced luggage with the mindset of “it can’t happen to me”. But, you better believe it can! Always keep small necessities in your carry on to avoid being uncomfortable while they search for your missing luggage.

Stay Hydrated

Although the alcohol on planes may be tempting, it is important to consume very little or avoid it entirely. It is absolutely miserable to become dehydrated which is easier to do on airplanes. Staying hydrated may also help with jet lag as dehydration makes you lethargic.

Put Hotel Info in Your Phone

Your phone is always on you anyways, so you might as well take the extra precaution of entering the address, phone number, and room number of your hotel. This will help avoid complications if you should become lost or lose your room keys. Besides, you have lots on your mind already, its easy to forget such small details.

Ask Locals Where to Eat

They live there, so they must know what is good. Plus, reviews on the internet are not always present or accurate.

Tell Bank/Credit Card Companies of Your Travel Plans

This habit helps ensure that your purchases go through and that your bank does not detect purchases as abnormal, especially those that are while you are abroad.

Tell Someone at Home of Your Travel Plans

It is particularly important to alert someone before you travel if you are traveling alone, but also important if you are traveling in a group in case of an emergency.

Separate Money Sources

In an event of missing luggage, misplaced belongings, or stolen items it is important to have a backup currency. Keep spare money, bank cards, etc in a separate location.

Bring Travel First Aid Kit

Some things to include are antacids, ibuprofen, and antihistamines which may not be easily accessible, but may be necessary to avoid discomfort from minor illness while traveling.

These are some small tips to assist you in avoiding both minor and major travel complications. Hopefully, you, your family, and your friends have both a safe and exciting adventure this summer.