Rideshare Traffic Threatening Safety

The constant buzz about the rideshare industry continues and does not appear to be making an exit from the headlines anytime soon. Each company has some ground rules for drivers and passengers that are said to be broken constantly. However, now drivers are breaking traffic laws which takes rideshare rule-breaking to another level.

This issue is especially relevant in the fast paced city of Chicago. Taxi services receive rumblings about clogging up city traffic, but Uber and Lyft create problems unique to ridesharing. For example, the root of the problem is that people can book drivers from inside their homes, in contrast to having to be outside to hail a taxi. This becomes an issue when people take their time leaving their homes or if they are running late. Some drivers even have to double park in from of heavy traffic, creating even more congestion and breaking the law.

Sources say that the majority of areas in Chicago have shown a decrease in speed, meaning that the rideshare street obstruction is really an issue and slowing down the overall flow of traffic. Others may argue that there other factors such as delivery trucks that are blocking the street, but the rideshare vehicles are only making things worse.

Unfortunately for rideshare drivers, cities are beginning to become more strict with the troublesome parking habits of Lyft and Uber drivers of. Some drivers claim to have been ticketed adding to costs such as gas and rideshare insurance. It is a shame that drivers are getting punished for things that are not always their fault but, it does make sense, after all, they are breaking the law.

The laws are put into place with good reason, too. Chicago tops the nation in traffic related deaths that include cases of distracted driving. At a time with high numbers like these, it is more important than ever to obey traffic safety laws.

Advocates for traffic safety propose a promising solution. They suggest adding pickup areas similar to the ones already in place at airports. However, this may be costly to the city and create other issues for non-rideshare drivers.

Another recommendation is to hold riders accountable for getting to their ride in a timely manner. Meaning, they should already be waiting outside for their ride. Both companies say that their app already alerts riders to be outside, so in theory there should be no excuses.

Riders should also be sure to wait in a safe location. Researchers have noted an expansion of pedestrian victims, some of which are due to an increase of people not paying enough attention to their surroundings while walking along traffic filled streets.

Chicago is increasing their fine in certain areas for double parking, tripling it, in fact. This development is kind of harsh, but making both drivers and riders more aware of the laws is crucial. Lawmakers and the rideshare companies have safety in mind when they enforce these rules. Plus, saving $300 in ticket expenses does not hurt. So, if you opt to use rideshare service, please be courteous to your drivers and be ready on time. Additionally, keep your own and other’s well-being in mind as traffic deaths are more common than you may think.