Uber Is Banning Poorly Rated Riders

Uber riders with a rating of four stars or lower will now be at risk of being blocked from services in New Zealand and Australia. Users will be warned of their low rating several times before they are removed.

Uber released the new community guidelines in an effort to improve customer behaviors. Riders are rated by drivers on a five star scale, with five stars being the best, The score will be based on an average of 500 trips. This means a rider has to be rated a one star several times to have an average of four stars.

The new community guidelines take affect on September 19th and will give users a two week grace period to get familiar with the new rules. Riders at risk of suspension will receive educational material on how to increase their rating and several warnings before they are suspended. This is the first time that these new rating rules are applied in an English-speaking market. The new guidelines were set in place earlier this year in Brazil. Australia and New Zealand have approximately 2.8 million users and the average Australian passenger has a rating of at least 4.5 stars.

Both drivers and riders use a person’s rating to roughly determine how well the trip will turn out. With this new feature, drivers have an even lower chance of picking up a rude customer.

The ride-share company already has a guidelines in place that warns users of incidents that may result in a suspension. The ride-share company will deactivate riders that cause damage to a vehicle, make unwanted physical contract with a driver or other riders, use abusive language or make unsolicited contact with a driver after the trip is over. Riders can also be deactivated for cancelling too many trips, being discriminatory and committing fraud.

Users that are blocked by the ride-share company for low ratings will also be suspended from Uber services for a period of six months. This includes Uber’s popular delivery service, UberEats. Uber drivers rideshare insurance does however, remain intact.

Currently, there only 20 percent of Uber passengers have a five-star rating. Being polite and courteous towards drivers allows riders an opportunity to increase their score.

Uber recommends the following tips to be a five-star rider:

  • be respectful
  • be on time
  • care for the car
  • give people space
  • follow local laws
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