What Happens if an Uber Driver Gets into a Car Accident?

Uber has taken over the business of ride-hailing. These days, it seems like everybody uses Uber to get around. The term “let’s Uber there” has become a staple in social scenes all around the globe. But, many people do not consider the complications that go into running a ridesharing service of this magnitude. The drivers do not really have a relationship with their employer, which leaves a lot of room for error. While Uber does do background checks on all of their employees, it is impossible to know just how trustworthy each individual driver is behind the wheel.

As an Uber driver, you are responsible for the lives of the passengers. It seems strange that we are so willing to let strangers drive us from place to place. After all, the road is a dangerous place. So, as an Uber driver, what happens after you get into an accident? Do you get fired? Does Uber’s insurance pay for the damages? Have lawsuits been filed against Uber for putting passengers with untrustworthy drivers? All of these questions come to mind when you think about the high volume of Uber cars out on the roads today. Chances are, Uber is very prepared legally for when accidents occur.

So, let’s say you are an Uber driver with passengers in your car. You get into an accident. According to your employer, what happens next? Well, first you have to check and see that everybody in the car is safe. If somebody is injured, call 911, the same as you would after any car accident that results in injuries. Next, contact Uber. They keep their own records of accidents that occur and require all drivers to report them. If you do not report your accident to Uber, you could get in trouble later down the road. From that point on, you will let the insurance companies work it out.

Since you were driving with passengers in the car, Uber’s commercial auto insurance policy will cover the cost of the damages. If you would have been driving without passengers, then it would be a different story. The protections of Uber’s policy only applies when you are driving with passengers or going to pick them up. When the app is turned off, you are relying only on your personal auto insurance policy. It is safe to assume that a company as large as Uber has a rock-solid commercial auto insurance policy, since accidents involving their drivers probably happen every day.

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