5 Ways Restoration Companies Assist Strata And Property Management Companies

Strata and Property Management agents have a unique job description and require multiple contacts in order to fulfill the necessary work to be accomplished within the buildings they manage. They are in constant demand from the occupants of the buildings and are required to wear many different hats to get the job done and in a cost-effective and timely manner.

One specific group of contacts that they rely on are Disaster Restoration Companies. The reason why restoration companies are their go-to for losses that happen with in the buildings they manage is because they too have to wear many hats and understand what strata and property management agents are going through to some degree.

So what are five key reasons Restoration Companies offer their services to Strata Managers and Property Managers?

On call 24/7 365.

Restoration companies offer services that make themselves available 24/7-365 days a year. This is invaluable to property management companies as fires and water losses don’t always happen during the 9 to 5 hours of the work day

‘Loss specific’ trained Project Managers and field technicians.

Project managers and technicians that work in the field are constantly being trained in the newest drying and cleaning techniques in order to provide the most cost-effective and expedited results management companies depend on. Whether it is a water loss, fire, vandalism or the unfortunate occurrence where a loss of life occured and require proper and safe clean-up, Property Restoration Companies are the go-to in any of these situations that happen within a building.

Administrative support. As Property Managers and Strata Agents well know, there is a host of back in the office administrative work that needs to be processed in order to continue the flow of communication and documentation to the proper channels that require it. Agents are required to pass information to the council members so they are aware of what goes in the minutes. Also, if the loss has affected multiple units and occupants then it compounds the amount of information that is required to be processed. The administrative support in restoration companies offices are well-trained and provide this information on a day-to-day basis. This is important so that Property Managers receive exactly what is being performed within their buildings during the emergency phase and what work is to be performed to get the structure back to pre-loss condition.

Work hand-in-hand with insurance companies. This is extremely important when the situation arises that the loss exceeds Stratas deductible in which a claim is triggered. This would mean that strata would obtain an insurance adjuster to attend the loss and would mediate between the building occupants, Restoration company, property manager and insurance company in order to ensure this particular claim gets completed as per repair specs provided at the time of walkthrough. Once the approved repair specs are approved by the property manager and the insurance adjuster, the Restoration company would ensure that by utilizing their sub trades, all necessary work will be completed in a timely fashion and brought back to pre-loss condition. This also involves workmanship warranty and proper communication between all parties.

Knowledge of building infrastructure.

I personally believe that this is a crucial part of the job description that a project manager must have on what ever building they are working in continually. What do I mean by that? The more times that a project manager is in a strata building, they get to know what type of Roof System it has,

what type of boiler system heats the structure,

how many units are in the building, what the layout is of each unit, what type of plumbing and electrical is in the building as well as where the shut off Valves

and electrical panels are located within the structure so as to expedite quick power down and shut off of Main Water Systems in order to mitigate the loss. Restoration companies also work in tandem with the strata’s preferred subcontractors, so if a loss occurs in the middle of the night there is an understanding that they will attend so as to provide exceptional service that is required.

These are just five key ways that the Restoration company will assist strata and property managers. This does not Encompass the full amount of support they provide. If you are interested in a further discussion with me personally on how our restoration services may help your Strata or Property Management Company, please do not hesitate to contact me on my cell at 778-241-7885 or email me direct at dmiller@servicemasterbc.ca

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a fantastic day.

Darren Miller