Top 4 Undisclosed Features of Your Motor Insurance Policy

Undoubtedly, buying a new or renewing your old motor insurance is a confusing task, but things can be streamlined if you are aware of the features and key points that should check before investing your hard earned money. If you’ve just bought a vehicle or are looking for reliable insurance partner, then read the following sections to know about top 6 undisclosed features that your motor insurance may try to hide form you:

1. Features That Can Help Your Optimal Benefits

The first and most prime thing to hide is to make the statements unclear by adding unnecessary clauses to it or making it little confusing. In most of the cases, you can easily make out that not all car insurance Singapore policies are created equal. Some of them belongs to the ‘bare bones’ type, while others have a full set of features and benefits, including even offering a car on rental basis if your insured vehicle is stolen or is lost. Compare policies of various brands to look out for these specific features and select the one that matches your expectations and fits in your budget too.

2. Custom-Made Policy Options

Like creating your own buffet selection and ice-cream bowls, you can also tailor-make your policies to make most out of it. There is high competition in market, and most of the prominent insurance partners are adopting one-size-fits-all approach to ensure that their car insurance policies offering everything to their potential customers which they want in their policy. Offering greater freedom and optimal options to choose from, the custom-made motor vehicle policies are the best to help you choose your desired features and benefits.

3. More Control Over Repairs

Since market is becoming more customer-centric, most of the insurance partners are offering full freedom to customers while selecting their own repairer to offer more control to the policyholder. It simply helps insurer to choose their desired repair shop from where they wish to get the repair work done, and reduces the chances of quality and safety compromise, while the vehicle is under repairs.

4. Pay in EMIs for Added Comfort

Selecting the prime insurer may cause heavy pressure on customer’s pockets, thus, in most of the cases, insurance companies offer options to pay the entire premium in multiple EMIs for added comfort. You can easily get in touch with their customer service team and check the regular payment options available to pay the entire premium amount across each month of the year.

Motor insurance companies often hides or offer limited information about several features that are likely to carry more pricey affairs and involves a lot of investment from their side. Therefore, it is highly imperative to stay aware and keep yourself updated of the a few things that can help you avail optimal benefits from the motor insurance policy.