InsurEco Releases Public API To Determine Max Broker Fees Per US State

insurEco System
Jun 2, 2018 · 2 min read
Easily be complaint by adopting this simple API for state fees!

Dallas, Texas — InsurEco System announces the release of a public API to determine max fees allowed by state. This is operated by insurEco’s innovation team, daryxTeam, and will be updated in accordance with state insurance rules and regulations.

View API whitepaper on insurEco News

The API will work with any AJAX based JSON API as a simple POST call. This provides easy integration into HTML5 and other ‘Full-Stack’ development projects. Older legacy technology is also supported by the use of a url parameter GET URL, which can be operated in the browser.

The API is used in the production instance of raterSpot Multi-Rating System, a leading insurTech platform for rating commercial and personal insurance products.

Feel free to use this in your innovations to ensure you are always complaint with any and all state fees regarding charging insurance fees in the USA.

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Below is an excerpt from the official documentation post on the insurEco News Site. Full details of how to use the State Max Fee API to determine the max fee charged by insurance brokers can be found here.

If you have any comments or concerns please contact insurEco system


{ "state": "FL", "fee" : 1000.32343 }


Success — Washed:

When your fee triggers a state rule, we will update the status to true and run formatting on the values for you. You can use washedFee or display washedFeeText directly in your user interface.

Success — Not Washed:

When you pass in a state where no rules were triggered, we will set status to false so you can set a condition to ignore any response in your ui. Just to be nice, we have passed in the formatting for whatever number you passed in.

About InsurEco System

InsurEco System is an industry first ecosystem of innovators, brokers, and insurers acting as an assembly line for insurance providers to model, launch, service, and maintain insurance products.

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