Ran Neuner joins Insureum Protocol as an investment advisor

Jun 14, 2018 · 2 min read

ZIKTO (CEO Kim Kyung-tae and Seo Han-seok), which is an insuretech startup, made an announcement that it hired Ran Neuner, who is a global investment expert in cryptocurrency, as a consultant to Insureum.
Ran Neuner is the founder of a cryptocurrency investment company called ‘Onchain Capital’ and currently hosts Cryptotrader Show of CNBC.
He is a global expert in cryptocurrency trades and investments as he is placed as the 9th most influential person in global cryptocurrency market by a British financial online media called Richtopia.
ZIKTO is planning to discuss about regular consultations after signing an official contract with Ran Neuner. Ran is planning to provide overall advices that are necessary for Insureum to have successful development and landing based on his deep understanding and knowledge in cryptocurrency investments.

Along with this hiring, ZIKTO also signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with a personal cryptocurrency wallet developer called ‘Jaxx Wallet’ to prevent cyber attacks that have occurred frequently in recent days and to safely store investors’ assets.
Jaxx Wallet is a electronic coin wallet developer established by Anthony Diiorio, who is a founding member of Ethereum.
“Insureum has made partnership with best experts in different fields such as technology, investment, insurance, and medical field and is working on development of projects with high level of completion through close cooperation.” said CEO Seo Han-seok of ZIKTO. “Listing of Insureum’s cryptocurrency exchange and development and commercialization processes of Insureum protocol are currently taking places without any setback.”

Staff Reporter Gil, Jaeshik | osolgil@etnews.com


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