A Brief Update 26 July

Ingemar Svensson, Founder and CEO

The post ICO tasks are almost finished. We have paid out on the presale bonuses, commissions and bounty hunt. We are starting our scam claim process shortly. We will publish a final summary of the numbers once we’re completely done.

The next step is the listing on exchanges. IXT is now transferrable and we have seen some limited activity on the decentralised exchanges. One of our team members is assigned to manage this process, and we would value advice and support from the community throughout the process.

We had a great session with one of our main reinsurance partners which was very fruitful. We still can’t disclose much more detail, but it is quickly turning into commercial traction.

The leadership team is currently visiting Gibraltar to meet with our law firm, accountancy firm and issuing agent. Our focus is to make sure the company structure is solid and that all the necessary setup is done correctly.

One of the most exciting things we’re doing is to meet with the local financial regulator to discuss our plans. We hope to be able to start the collaboration and oversight early on and build up a constructive relationship.

The dev team has been flat out building out the product. We have a sensible RFQ/Tendering flow now fully utilising blockchain. It follows the ACORD standard in terms of data and process. We are looking at fast matching engines next.

Next Steps

We are engaging a partner who can help us with community management, social media and general marketing. This will free up our developers and still keep the community up to date with our progress. More details will follow soon.

Hiring is also a big focus. Getting right candidates is critical, not only will they need the right tech skills but we also focus a lot on the team fit and character.