Google Drive’s most powerful app just got better

Almost everyone is familiar with Google Drive. It is a powerful cloud storage and sync product that make it a go-to solution for individuals and businesses who need to take their files wherever they go.

However, Google Drive has an Achilles heel: its default desktop client sucks. Ever since its release, users have complained of its unreliability: duplicates, missed files, symbolic links instead of documents, CPU overuse, etc.

Don’t take our word for it

It’s as if you have all this power from a service that Google built, but none of the control that should have come with it.

And this is where Insync comes in.

Since our inception, we've been toiling day and night to engineer the best client for Google Drive. We took customer feedback and built a few useful features that allow fine-grained control of personal or business data — multi-account support, flexible folder setup, right-click sharing, automatic document conversion and others including cross-platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux, headless (CLI), ARM/Raspberry Pi).

It’s been almost 2 years since we released version 1.0, and during that time we’d focused our implementation efforts into super-charging the engine behind our text-based user interface.

Today, with the release of Insync 1.2, we bring that power to the forefront with a major UI face-lift, a bunch of new/improved features, a bunch of bug fixes and speed improvements that help you take tender loving care of your data.

The new UI includes a “Create new…” feature for new Google-type documents

Do you have multiple Google Drive accounts that you want to manage all at once? We've got you covered with Insync 1.2's Feed — you get notified of changes to each one of your accounts in real-time. In other words, instantly see when files are created, edited, shared or deleted.

Want to control which file types you sync to the cloud or locally? Our new Ignore List feature easily filters file (and folder) extensions that you do not want synced to your Google Drive account. For example, if you find that your 500 GB worth of movies is taking up too much space, you can simply add a filter for ‘.mp4' and you’re done!

Ignore List supports file or folder extensions including hidden items

And the improved Nested Selective Sync puts even more finely-grained control into your hands. You can now view your top folders and subfolders under one view. So selectively un-syncing deep directories just got a lot easier.

We have enhanced our alerting system (recent changes [renamed “feed”], progress, pending shares [renamed “shared with me”], actions required, errors) by integrating them into the new UI, which gives you a “bird’s eye” view of all alerts in one screen with a corresponding numbered colored alert icon.

You know how you have to drag any “Shared with me” folders or files to “My Drive” for them to sync locally when using the default Google Drive client? That was massively painful. Well, Insync has always allowed syncing shared items directly on the client without you ever having to go to Drive web but somehow most people didn't see it (or were confused by it). With the UI face-lift and the improved alerting system, syncing any shared items is now just a click away (and will be seen)

No need to go to Drive web to drag shared items to “My Drive” to sync. Yay!

There are many other changes including initial sync improvements, various bug fixes and other improvements. Plus a new homepage.

With this update, we have increased our prices from $15 to $20 (across all the plans) with a 15 day free trial.*

Download the all new Insync at You won’t regret it ☺

*Insync 1.2 is a free upgrade to existing Insync customers. Existing Pro and Business customers are grandfathered (i.e. no price increase).

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