Day 43: Reverse Shell with OpenSSL

Feb 11, 2019 · 2 min read
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There are a lot of ways to get shells, like walking down the beach and picking them up or going to Taco Bell…oh wait, wrong blog, I mean you can get shells with netcat, php, perl, .net, lolbins etc etc etc but one of my favourites has to be OpenSSL reverse shell. What what?! Do I mean the openssl we used to hijack shadow file, yes, the openssl that nearly every https needing lib in your system uses, yes and finally the openssl people use to generate their keys etc, yes the same openssl and you can use it to get a reverse shell.


To start the server we need to generate keys on the attacker box, let’s just say Kali for arguments sake.

Start the Listener (Pentest Box)

Launch Reverse Shell (Target Box)

On the target box, the compromised machine you have RCE on, run this…

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