Top 10 Words of Wisdom from Robin Sieger

Last week we interviewed Robin Sieger, a leading motivational speaker who we are delighted will be speaking at our Forum 2015 event in Canada.

Here are some of his best insights into success.

2. The greatest gift you can give to someone is your time because it’s something you can never get back.

4. The secret to happiness and success?Remember what you put in is what you get out.

7. If we live in the future it makes us anxious, if we live in the past it makes us sad.

To be happy we need to live in the now.

8. The most important relationship you will ever have in your life is with yourself.

Love yourself.

10. The important thing in life is to make a choice and then to act on that choice.

Inaction is not a strategy.

All these insights are from Robin Sieger. For more information please see his website

All images are used under a Creative Commons licence from Unsplash.