Why I started this blog and what took me so long to publish my first post.

I am an engineering student in a tier-2 engineering college in India studying computer engineering.

I created this blog around December 2015, and now I am writing my first post in April 2016. That is quite a long time considering I am just a sophomore as I write this. To get a rough idea about engineering in India, follow this link.

I won’t write about my life as an engineering student here. I will devote a proper rant to it someday.

I love what I study, that is computer engineering.(This is rare in Engineering colleges in India.) Actually maths, social science and physics were my favorite subjects when I was in high school, in that order. Maths, because I liked the beauty of proofs and absolute truth. It became even more interesting when I encountered problems that cannot be solved or proved. Social studies, well I think it is important to know how your country functions, and is governed by what rules as this affects your everyday life and maybe shapes the way you think. Physics, because it is what makes maths lively!

Then how come I ended up taking computer engineering?

Undergraduate education in India mostly consists of rigid courses. I realized that math was my true love and I was passionate about it. But, I wanted to practice a more practical profession. Physics was more like a hobby to me. It still is. I didn’t take up social studies because my views were and are somewhat like this. I wanted to graduate in mathematics and computing — a course offered by some IITs. I didn’t get a rank in the JEE-Advanced 2014, so here I am.

Why did I start this blog?

Because I am so much in love with computer science and mathematics, I have decided to pursue research in this area. Apart from my academic skills, I have to improve my typing and writing skills. Don’t be surprised if you are fired with random content !

Apart from these, I think blogging is an excellent way to convey your ideas and views to people who are looking for them. I believe writing down things, especially if they have more content is a good idea.

What took me so long to publish my first post?

Ah! I was not busy. Often, I kept wondering what should I write about and that sort of stuff. College is unusually time consuming for me. Time consuming, because I don’t learn anything of significance compared to the amount of time I spend there. More about this later!

Something special — Today is Gudi Padwa. This is a nice coincidence considering I am writing my first blog post today!