We “Love People” — Meet Roshan, integrate.ai’s Machine Learning Scientist

During integrate.ai’s first offsite, each team member introduced themselves through a PechaKucha — a 20 slide presentation, in which the presenter has only 20 seconds to speak per slide. Each presentation was quirky and fun — we loved how the presentations taught us who our co-workers were beyond their professional skills and experiences. One of our core values at integrate.ai is “Love People”, so we wanted to keep pushing ourselves to showcase the people of our company and their diverse backgrounds. Going forward we will be featuring our team in this blog series, to chat with them about what they love to do and why they’re excited to be a part of integrate.ai.

We’re kicking it off with an introduction to Roshan — a Machine Learning Scientist on our team.

Why we love Roshan:

  • She is a creative genius who loves playing music, planting flowers and sketching.
  • She is extremely optimistic and approaches difficult challenges with a spunky attitude.
  • She is a great problem solver and she has a lot of experience applying machine learning to a number of different industries, from wearables to supply chain management.

Roshan has been surprising us with some wicked illustrations on our whiteboard walls. Our product team is loving her artwork, they’ve been toying with including imagery of Canadian animals in our product — so her illustrations have been great inspiration!

A few of Roshan’s Canadian lynx drawings that are currently decorating our walls

Here’s our chat with Ro:

You’ve worked on some really cool ML projects over the past few years, which were your favourite?

  • I worked with a startup that created a wearable that was used to help train cyclists. We collaborated with top tier athletes and Olympians to collect data that made them. Then, we created machine learning algorithms that would leverage the professional’s data to create training plans for amateur athletes, to improve their techniques and get them training like pro’s.
  • While I was completing my undergraduate degree, I worked to create the brain for a robot that could play soccer. We were able to use neural net models to create non-linear movements, allowing it to run around a pitch and shoot a soccer ball.

Walk me through why you decided to join integrate.ai?

  • I’m a startup junkie, I loved the idea of joining the integrate.ai tech team as an early hire. Challenging problems and tight deadlines excite me!
  • The nature of our product is ambitious and our entire team is well aligned on it’s direction. I love when tech and business teams are aligned in a company. I think that’s key to great startup, and that’s the case here.
  • My interviews with the team were great, I was really impressed by everyone I talked to and the company culture.

Why do you love working as an ML Scientist at integrate.ai?

I enjoy the breadth of problem solving that comes with working in ML. If you look at ML objectively, the focus is not on application. You always have to dig into the data find patterns, you’re just optimizing for different things. It’s all about problem solving.

I think the type of problem solving that we’re doing at integrate.ai is especially intriguing to me. I believe there are two types of technical problems — first is the problems for the dreamers, like trying to build a city on Jupiter. Those are interesting problems, but there are a million steps to solve first. I am more excited about the problems that are very challenging, but only a few steps away, which is what we’re doing at integrate.ai. We’re pushing the technology forward in a very practical way.

Hi! I’m Katharine — the integrate.ai Operations Intern. When people ask me what I like best about working at this company, I always tell them that I am blown away by the diversity of personalities and experiences on this team. I’m excited to showcase this unique environment through integrate.ai’s “Love People” series.

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