What economics can tell us about mobilizing group action

Photo credit: dejankrsmanovic (CC BY 4.0)

Two neighbours may agree to drain a meadow, which they possess in common; because ’tis easy for them to know each others mind; and each must perceive, that the immediate consequence of his failing in his part, is the abandoning the whole project. But ’tis very difficult, and indeed impossible…

A series on the intersection of ecology and emerging token economies

Maple Syrup collecting in Michigan. Photo credit: LadyDragonflyCC →;< (Creative Commons)

Part 1: Metaphors and market design

The advent of token economies has given us a profusion of metaphors to describe how these economies work. A non-exhaustive list of token economy metaphors would include digital gold (assets), digital cash (currencies), and arcade (utility/access) tokens. This is a necessary step in any emerging field, and as time goes…

Kyle Birchard

Economist, Technologist, Entrepreneur

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