What Procedures Are Done In Cosmetic Dentistry And its Types?

A white and bright smile is all about your genes, right? Not anymore! Medical science has advanced quite a bit to shun genetics aside. Cosmetic surgery proved it earlier; now cosmetic dentistry does!

Not just reality shows; today’s reality has shown us what wonderful results cosmetic dentistry can bear! Transforming even the most loathsome smile into something bright and beautiful is no more a tale of fantasy. But you need to make the correct choice. Not just the dentist but also the dental work you plan to undergo. A flawless cosmetic dental work works wonders to transform your smile into a work of art!

The easiest is cosmetic teeth whitening. Teeth bleaching also mean the same. This is highly effective against stained teeth that have undergone discoloration; even the most severe types. It’s the degree of stain that determines if you can get it done from the comforts of your home or at the dentist’s chamber; but then again, bleaching teeth doesn’t suit everyone and a prior assessment from the dentist is must. If the assessment turns out to be in the negative, then Cosmetic Dental Veneers remain the next option.

For those unaware of the term veneers — they are thin shells mostly of porcelain, or some other equally strong, composite material. These custom made shells are cemented to the front side of a tooth. Not just discoloured teeth; veneers are useful for treating a large range of dental conditions. Bent or asymmetrical or chipped teeth benefit the most from veneers; even teeth with wide gaps in between.

The next one is bit more complex and invasive. Cosmetic Dental Implants involve the use of titanium (strong, lightweight and bio-friendly) structures that replace missing teeth. They are surgically placed into the jawbone where a tooth formerly used to be. It is vastly different from a dental bridge and is permanent by nature. In short, it mimics the root of a tooth and anchors the Preventative Dentistry Dural crowns or caps.

However, the artificial crowns can be also be used to fit over an existing tooth. You can choose between acrylic and porcelain fused to metal and is a great aid if your natural teeth can’t withstand biting pressure. Poorly shaped or badly decayed teeth are benefitted the most; so does, broken and chipped teeth with large fillings. They also cover spaces between teeth.

Lastly, it’s Periodontal Laser Treatment and tooth bonding. The former one is the same as enamel shaping; a process that reshapes teeth by removing some of the enamel by filing. It’s a painless process and its effects show immediately. Whereas for cosmetic tooth bonding; it involves bonding or adhering tooth-coloured materials to the teeth, to repair and/or improve their appearance. Badly stained, broken or chipped teeth get a fresh lease of life after undergoing this treatment, even those that bleaching and veneering couldn’t help.