We all need to feel better, right now. And I have the hack of all hacks.

It’s just a click away.

Don’t roll your eyes! I see you! It may sound crazy. It’s so weird. When I discovered it, I was wowed. When others did, they were wowed.

And none of us really know why it was ever forgotten.


It’s giving to a not-for-profit.

Giving! Can you believe it?! Well, think about it.

The ancients knew to give was better than to receive.

Indigenous cultures know you gotta give back to the Earth so she is healthy to support you.

How did we forget this essential truth of our nature?

It took science to help us remember. About two decades of studies have proved giving is just fantastic for you in mood and health (see my references page, and scroll down).

It’s because we are social creatures. We survive better in groups and nature has wired us to be positively reinforced when we do good for others. Our brains experience the release of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. And the good goes on … givers are healthier when we give over the course of our lives. Givers have fewer incidents of cancer, heart attacks, and obesity. We sleep better, are more fulfilled with our lives, eat better, exercise more, are thinner, and handle stress better.

All this fulfillment and satisfaction means you’ll spend less overall on passing pick-me-ups, though you’ll have some money allocated to giving. And, if word gets around you’re a giver, you’re likely to be promoted at work over others. And, later in life, you’ll be healthier so your savings won’t be wiped out by medical bills. So, yes, giving also makes you wealthier.

And now the big question for you to consider:

Why not try giving?

It’s an immediate stress reducer.

Just when you think your life sucks, you take a look online and see projects from awesome charities (my faves are here) and see how the rest of the world needs things you take for granted. You instantly realize your life isn’t so bad after all. You can feel your shoulders loosen at the realization. Here’re some examples of what you can do, like right now.

The Earth needs people to have greener cooking and heating methods so carbon isn’t released into the atmosphere and forests aren’t harvested. And when you fund methane projects you also save the poor hours per week that would have been spent getting wood.

With a click, you can help with that.

Or try this one: some young girls could use an education in a poor country and it’s number 7 in the book Drawdown on ways to reduce greenhouse gases. Why? Educated girls make greener choices with things like farming methods (most farmers globally are women), how to manage water, and when to have children. You could be the one responsible for a young girl being educated.

Then there’s this bargain: for the less than half the cost of a latte, you can protect two poor people from malaria for three to four years. Which do you think you’ll remember buying more? A latte more or saving two humans for about four years? If it’s the latter, you just made your happiness-per-dollar factor greater.

Donating to causes you care about stays with you for a long, long time. I know someone who gave to a charity over a year ago to help a young woman get life-saving surgery through a charity (it only cost $1,000) and the thank you message the young woman left for him made him cry and still makes him (and me) misty. This is the kind of change you can make, right now.

When I started this, I gave at a rate that made me feel like I was really shifting my lifetime footprint to give, rather than take the from the Earth. It feels so fantastic I’m well past drawing down the carbon I’ve emitted since I was born and I still give every year and plan to until the rest of my days. That’s why I’m here six years after starting and writing to you. Others have felt so great they gave me testimonials on my course page.


Back to planetary health — the ones who buy things and have wiggle room in their spending (Hello fellow middle-classers, and above!) are the ones who can really turn this mess around in record time. Ready for some numbers?

Take all the carbon to be emitted from 1850 until 2050.

Then look at who can afford to spend on getting that drawn down — that would be adults in the middle class and abovers because we have wiggle room in our spending. It’s what makes us middle-class and above. That’s about 763 million adults.

Then think about when you want to have all that carbon drawn down.

So that’s 3,380 tonnes per adult in the middle class and above.

So if you’re starting today, in 2022, that’s 3,380/28 years = 121 tonnes a year.

But here’s the thing, to get the ball rolling, all we need to do is get 2.5% of all the adults who qualify to get the conversation started. That’s about 19 million people.

And if just us beginners donated to drawdown 121 tonnes a year at about $9 a tonne, that’s 121 tonnes x $9 x 19 million adults = $20.7 billion a year to heal the planet, or $1.7 billion a month. Compare that to government spending in the paragraph below this next paragraph’s brain melter.

Our little group of badasses number just 1/6 of the number of people following Kim Kardashian on IG. What if all those guys gave to draw down 121 a year? That’s 315 million followers times 121 tonnes at $9 a tonne, that’s just shy of $343 billion dollars a year, or $28.6 billion a month.


Kim, we need your endorsement!!! (Pass it on!)

And now back to our government:
The annual budget for the EPA is about $9.6 million a year.
The federal U.S. spends just $44.9 billion a year on global warming. We, just the a little global group of integrity hero folk, would spend than that in less than three years. Kardashian’s crew would spend it in less than two months.

And, if you’re a patriot, you’ll be saving the U.S. from spending billions of tax dollars on disasters. Per the White House, “Federal expenditures on crop insurance premium subsidies are projected to increase 3.5 to 22 percent each year due to climate change-induced crop losses by the late-century, the equivalent of between $330 million and $2.1 billion annually.”

While India and other poor nations are feeling the pinch right now to a greater degree, we are soon to follow.

It’s kind of like the Earth is on sale right now and prices are only going to keep going up and up.

You can’t afford to not feel fantastic and give money to save the planet. It’s the bargain of a lifetime.



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