Businesses can utilize white-labels of Integro’s LMRS to build their own brand.

  • Build their own brand. Businesses will be able to launch Learning Management and Reward System with their own brand name on it, without having to run and manage their own infrastructure; it will run on Integro’s infrastructure. This will help organizations and training institutes stand out when interacting with their clients.
  • They will also be able to use their own branded tokens, Ether (ETH), IGRO or any other tokens of their choice as part of the reward system to incentivize and encourage learning.
  • The white-label functionality will…

Content Creators can utilize Integro’s LMRS to increase its total addressable market and earn passive income by

  • Direct Mining of IGRO Tokens. Content Creators are currently restricted to selling their content via very few marketplaces that unfairly take major part of the sales revenue. When content is uploaded on our platform, they will be able to directly mine IGRO tokens with the help of our Proof of Content algorithm; this will accelerate their revenue and adoption of our platform.
  • Access to Business to Business (B2B) Market. Presently courses of Content Creators are typically targeted towards the small Business-to-Consumer market (B2C)…

Institutes can utilize Integro LMRS to improve multiple aspects of educational management.

Real users of Integro’s LMRS at North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Create examinations and training programs with key analytics. Instant analytics allows the formation of feedback-loop for the learners; they will be able to analyze their own performance to understand their strength and weaknesses and improve their skills. The data collected will help educator as well as learner understand where they would need to improve. Educators will be able to see key data which will help reshape and improve the how the information is conveyed. Our LMRS is powered with cutting-edge analytics provided by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Access to content…

Learning Management and Reward system is something everyone needs. Academic institutions, universities, schools and organizations pay enormous sum of money to use a platform for Learning Management.

Many of these large Universities, Schools, Organizations and Governments already build their own in-house services because they have enough users to take advantage of economy of scale and not have to pay per user to any third party organizations, which is often expensive.

Master nodes enable possibility for these stakeholders to create their own infrastructure; which will allow them to enroll their learners at no cost and yet get the benefit of the…

Integro’s Learning Management and Reward System is used by Governments, Financial institutes and Research Organizations.

It is heavily used by these organizations for effectively managing their private contents, conducting internal training and knowledge transfer.

These organizations deal with a lot of high secured data and would pay a lot of money to host in a highly secured and an encrypted environment.

Private nodes provides these organizations the ability to host their own secured data in their own infrastrucutre with encryption enabled. They are able to apply their own encyrption to better protect their data.

To launch a private node, organizations…

Implementing Integro’s LMRS: Working with Government of Arlington, Massachusetts

Governments can utilize Integro LMRS to solve various problems.

  • Impart Quality Education. Governments world over spend considerable resources including funds to fulfill their social responsibility of primary and secondary education, in some cases even higher education. However the bang for the buck spent is not achieved due to lack of quality teachers, teaching methods and material as also availability of quality content and its regular updating. platform can overcome all these lacunae with fraction of the existing expenditure being made. It can overcome the shortages of teachers by creating quality tutorials for easy and distance learning by students. The…

Organizations can utilize Integro LMRS for increasing efficiency in management.

  • Conveniently and effectively manage contents. Often times the educational and training content management in an organization is major cause of concern. There isn’t a single place where everything is store and organized. Information gets lost in emails, and when you really need it you have to waste lot of time before finding what you need. Integro makes it extremely easy to organize all the content into one place easily accessible by everyone when needed. Integro Platform makes storage, transfer, and delivery of contents easier.
  • Easy conduct of Mandatory HR, compliance…

Sign up on and get free Ether

At Integro our goal is to increase adoption of our Learning Management and Reward System (LMRS), and we constantly thrive to make our application easy to use & embrace cutting edge technologies.

As part of this effort we have partnered with Portis, which provides a frictionless user experience for dApps transacting on the Ethereum blockchain.

Integro’s community will truly benefit from great user experience and will be able to explore the platform to the fullest potential.

Portis and Integro will be working together at the engineering level, in increasing the adoption of our dApp and in building an application that… is committed to breaking the boundaries of intellectual capital. We are building a Learning Management and Reward System (LMRS) to solve the problem of engagement and it’s adoption by rewarding employees and students. Organizations, Institutes and Governments will be able to incentivize learning by offering their own tokens and cryptocurrency. Integro will provide a platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to organizations and institutes to manage their content and customize their learning programs. By design Integro’s platform is decentralized and its IGRO tokens will allow running the application’s Masternodes, Private nodes, White Labels and student enrollments. The Integro platform is poised to disrupt the way content is aggregated and delivered.

Please reach out to us on Telegram and pioneer in transforming Eduction

Integro’s LMRS revolutionizes the way education is imparted with blockchain & decentralization protocol. Reached us at:

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