Web Designing For a Professional Site

Web designing technique like any other craft undergoes a continuous change. Templates and layouts are not the same in two consecutive years. For a professional site it is essential to change its looks in keeping with current trends. Awareness about changes in website designing and optimization techniques is mandatory for a thorough professional. However, there are certain aspects that remain somewhat same over the years. These are basic techniques that should be followed in every professional website design.

Always have a clean and clutter-free appearance

No visitor would like to visit a web page that is clumsy and stuffy. The layout of your web pages should be neat and synchronized. Contents and images should be used in perfect harmony so that the appearance of a web page remains eye-pleasing. It is normal human tendency to avoid untidiness and clumsiness and inelegance. Inserting too many things like banners, ads, pop-ups, badges, and buttons in one page is undesirable.

Each page should focus on one aspect and carry relevant information. A web page is not an encyclopaedia and viewers do not have the patience to go through very detailed descriptions on a web page. Only pertinent points should be highlighted on websites. Viewers only look for simplicity and neatness in a website.

Utilize visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy relates to the way human eyes are best adapted to decipher things. Human brain has distinct visual perceptions for web page, brochure, banner, letter heads, business cards and so on. Our eyes are adapted to see the more important things on the top and the lesser important ones at the bottom. For this reason ‘sign in’ or ‘sign up’ always appear on the top right or top middle of your display. Similarly, contents, images, menu, and links are arranged in a definite pattern. A professional web page is designed take all these factors into consideration.

For a better visual impact it is advisable to write in small paragraphs and use a type font that is easily distinguishable from a fair distance. Fancy typefaces are never recommended for professional documents and web pages.

Improve on readability quotient

Readability is a vital feature of any website. Text of your website should be crisp and legible. As readers do not have much time to spend on a web page it is essential to keep the short, informative, and simple. Writing in small paragraphs with sub titles and bullet points are highly recommended. Emboldening of headings, sub-headings, and keywords makes reading meaningful and pleasurable.

Inclusion of special effects

To make your website more appealing to viewers, special effects like long scrolling or background printing might be used. These not only make your website different from others, but also increase the volume of traffic to your page.

Responsive web design

In today’s era of Internet accessibility, it is imperative for a web design company in the UK to create responsive web pages. Such web pages are accessible from desktops, laptops, palmtops, and mobile phones. Only when your web page is read by majority of net surfers, its true worth is recognized.

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