Clapp — The Breakthrough Learning Management System and Virtual Classroom App That Will Become One of the Best Teaching Tools Ever

While reading one of my favorite tech blogs I found about Clapp — Clapp — Teaching & Learning Management System(LMS). Since I needed a virtual classroom/teaching tool to collaborate with my co-workers I decided to test and see if it will meet my expectations. Using it for the last week lead me to a conclusion, this is an amazing teaching aid, great learning management system useful for both teachers/trainers and students. Let’s me explain why and how you can make use of it.

Dead Simple UI

I’ve always said that the educational tools need to be really simple to use, and Clapp is the perfect example of how things should be done. When you open the app it leads you to a very simple screen where you can “Add Lesson”. And here is where you can start the learning and teaching process. All lessons you create will be available instantly when you open the app.

Lessons Creation, Editing

Once you add a lesson you can start with the creation. At the top there are two tools a pen and a rubber, but also a moving tool. Use the pen to write or draw important parts of your lesson. The pen can be resized and the colors can be re-adjusted. There are 6 different colors to choose from.

This simple editing can be enhanced by tapping the table icon in the top corner. From there you can add background images to enhance and customize your teaching or you can change the background color. The “+” icon gives you ability to add text, shapes or draw shapes (there are numerous pre-ready shapes that can be readjusted). You can also add any type of images, maps and PDF files.

The great thing is that you can add as many pages as you like by just tapping the “+” at the bottom.

Everything you write and explain in the lesson can be recorded so you can later just share the video with your students. You can even re-record the lessons if there are parts you don’t like or you feel like you missed something. Actually you can edit anything at any point, and you can also add PDF materials that are helpful for a particular lesson/tutorial/training.

Every lesson can be backed up on your Clapp account and you will get 5GB of cloud storage if you purchase their $15 plan which is 1-time purchase.

Sharing & Joining Lessons

Now once you create your lessons how do you share them with students? Of course you can just export the video of the lesson and show it in class (export is mp4 and requires Clapp license), but also another great option is to invite them to Clapp and share a particular lesson with them. You can also sent announcement and other important files to a selected student.

Clapp is a great learning tool for students too. They can also create lessons, discussions and communicate with your between each other. You can also ask the teacher questions related to any lesson. This makes the teaching interactive and transparent.


While there are similar apps that offer great drawing and writing tools to transcribe ideas and lessons, Clapp offers subsequent features that can really come handy in the education process. This is a true learning management system and virtual classroom that can benefit both teachers and students and make learning easier and much more efficient.

The uses are numerous and much more versatile than the similar lms apps. The numerous editing and sharing features of Clapp make it one of the best lms at this moment and one of the breakthrough education apps.

Try it for free on Google Play.