Navigation App of the Week — TipToe

Our Apps of the Week are always useful and unique tools. This time we have an awesome navigation app, one that brings something different to the table. The name of the app is TipToe, now available for all iOS users. Let’s see what it is all about and why we chose it for today.

What is TipToe?

A smart way to turn your iPhone into a self-protection device! This navigation app created on iOS platforms allows users to share news and read tips about dangerous places or incidents, protecting them from possible danger in their surroundings. The users can make their surroundings safer by alerting family and friends with sharing concerns about suspicious places and events. A great way for reporting news about events that may affect our daily lives. Spread awareness and feel protected with this app!

Standout Features

This app offers the users various ways of protection and sharing information with family and friends. Reading tips from users about places and events that could be possibly dangerous. Sharing the user’s own concerns about incidents that may affect their family and friends. The users can use pictures to mark dangerous activities to alert people. This app allows the users to create areas that concern them and will notify them if anything happened in that areas.

App Store Download Link: TipToe

Official Website Link: TipToe