• Оксана Жаркова

    Оксана Жаркова

  • Umut G

    Umut G

    Classical&Modern DWH Developer, Bigdata Enthusiast, Data Science, AI, Quantum Programming & Blockchain Learner

  • jocelio de souza

    jocelio de souza

  • Quantum intelligence

    Quantum intelligence

  • Joziah Thayer

    Joziah Thayer

    Founder of wedacoalition.org, Just an owl who gives a hoot, researcher & writer speaking truth to power through adversarial journalism and activism.

  • Paolo Cuomo

    Paolo Cuomo

    I write about working-from-home, achievable improvements & realistic lifehacks. (My work on sustainability, insurtech & quantum computing is at @paolotalkstech)

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