What is QI?
A Quantum Intelligence QI

The Token is a support platform for scientists and researchers developing System and tools in quantum computing and its applicability in society as a whole.

What Quantum Intelligence will do?

Quantum Intelligence will dedicate its funds to research, and will develop a platform based on Quantum Computing

integrating enthusiasts of physical and scientific projects, seek investors to accelerate and help develop solutions for sustainable exploitation, accelerate research and reduce production costs using quantum computer The initiative counts on partners, teachers, researchers, enthusiasts, scientists and educational units which can use the Quantum Intelligence platform.

To fulfill our goals, Main goals This platform will support research in areas such as: A- CryptoCurrency — Development of a new blockchain based on quantum Computing. B- Security — Encryption, cloud storage and communication C- Health — in addition to allowing the drug discovery process to be speeded up, further reduced significantly the time of use of new medicines.