#4. Be the Next Iron Man, Enhance DNA Repair with Uncaria tomentosa

Uncaria tomentosa extract used in IntelliGrind supplements

Uncaria tomentosa, also known as cat’s claw, is one of two species of woody jungle vine that grows in Central and South America. Indigenous peoples of this region have used the vine for various medicinal remedies for centuries and in modern medicine it has become of interest for it’s potential efficacy in treating inflammation, arthritis, and even promoting DNA repair among other things.

Recent studies have found Unicaria tomentosa to be an incredibly effective treatment for reduction of inflammation in osteoarthritis(19) and rheumatoid arthritis(22) with no significant adverse effects when compared with a placebo, owing most of its action to the fact that cat’s claw is an incredibly potent inhibitor of TNF-alpha(18), one of the major signaling proteins in the body responsible for systemic inflammation. As an interesting added benefit, studies have also begun to verify that Unicaria tomentosa can actually enhance DNA repair(20),(21).

Since reduction of inflammation, protecting your joints, and even DNA repair go hand in hand with recovery and proper physical training, we chose to include a proper amount of Unicaria tomentosa to our formula in INTELLIGRIND so you can push your limits to grind even further.